30 Hour Course


A Contextualized, Thirty Hour, Biblical Counselling and Discipleship Training Course (30HCD). The developers of this course have painstakingly condensed the essential Biblical Counselling principles to be best suited and applied to a South African context.

We believe this training will equip students to use Scripture effectively in one another ministries in the church and among friends and family. It will also prepare students to engage with counselling problems, identify the causes of those problems and offer biblical solutions to resolve those issues. It will further give students confidence in the Scripture’s sufficient, understandable and practical use in achieving its intended goal in us.

This course fulfills the minimum training requirement needed towards ACBC certification.

Course Content

A general introduction to the distinctives of Biblical Counselling. The focus will be on:

  1. An Introduction to Biblical Counselling,
  2. Methods of Biblical Change,
  3. Theology of Biblical Counselling,
  4. Marriage and Family Counselling and Topics,
  5. Problems and Procedures and
  6. Observation and Practicum.

Course Outline

Part One

1. An Introduction to Biblical Counselling. This session will introduce the ministry of Biblical Counselling and discipleship by showing its roots in Scripture, its theological support, its historical alternatives and its philosophical presuppositional departure point. It will also show how the Bible is sufficient to equip the saints for one another ministry in the local church.

Part Two

2. Methods of Biblical Change. This session will provide a biblical understanding of biblical change. It will provide an authoritative framework of eight procedures and will also demonstrate its practical use in understanding the human experience. It will further show how it is used by the Holy Spirit to motivate, empower and direct individuals in life and godliness.

Part Three

1) Problems and Procedures. This session will apply the biblical principles taught in Methods of Biblical Change to a range of specific counselling problems that are common to man. Students will also be assisted in identifying and counselling issues that are unique to an African context.

2) Medical Issues and Biblical Counselling: This session is designed to show how physical illness can affect the human soul. It will also consider the theory undergirding the use of psychotropic drugs and the procedures involved in assisting counsellees.

3) Observation and Practicum. This session is designed to help students learn practical skills in counselling through observation, evaluation, critique and discussion with the purpose of helping build a practical and effective counselling model.

ACBC Certification

Phase 1:

  • Register with ACBC at https://biblicalcounselling.com
  • Join the SMTI student platform
  • After completing the Practical Theology class, watch the required counselling session on the student platform
  • Complete the 1,000 pages of required reading

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

  • Once the exams have been passed, find an ACBC Fellow and complete 50-hours of observed counselling
    After successful completion of the 50-hours of observed counselling a letter will be sent to ACBC with recommendations

After certification, you will need to complete the required continuing education units each year with an ACBC training center. SMTI is an approved ACBC training center. Visit acbcafrica.co.za for more Biblical Counselling training opportunities in South Africa.