Biblical Theology Equip

Strengthening Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) was established to provide training in Biblical Counselling and discipleship. Over the years it has become evident that there is a need for basic theological training that will better equip Christians in a theologically accurate understanding and practical use of Scripture.

In order to fulfil this need, SMTI will be offering a two-year programme called Biblical Theology Equip. The lecturers will cooperate with other local and international pastors who hold to an inerrant, authoritative and sufficient view of Scripture. The developers of this course have extensive theological training, ministerial experience and expertise in the various theological disciplines that will be offered.

SMTI believes this training will equip Christian workers, pastors and church members to better understand the Scriptures by introducing them to all of redemptive history, revealing the biblical themes, outlines, and content of each book of the Bible as well as the inter-Scriptural relationship they have with the rest of the Word. The Systematic Theology class will present what the Bible teaches regarding essential doctrines of the Christian faith while the Practical Theology class will help students apply what they have been taught over an eighteen-month period. The order and content of this program will give students confidence in the Scripture’s sufficient, understandable, and practical use in achieving its intended goal in and through every believer.

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A general introduction to the fundamentals of understanding and applying Scripture. The classes are:

  • A Survey of the Old Testament,
  • A Survey of the New Testament,
  • An Introduction to Systematic Theology, and
  • An Introduction to Practical Theology.

Course Outline


  • 2. Join the Biblical Counselling Equip student platform

  • 3. Download the student notes for Year One – Semester One

  • 4. Attend classes in person or online.

ACBC Certification

After certification, you will need to complete the required continuing education units each year with an ACBC training center. SMTI is an approved ACBC training center. Visit for more Biblical Counselling training opportunities in South Africa.