2017-2018 Week-Long Classes Registration

/2017-2018 Week-Long Classes Registration
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SMTI presents the biblical counselling programme through eight modules in total over two years, with four modules per year. Each module is presented over one full week; Monday- Friday, 8h-17h. This means on-class interaction happens four times a year, while assignments are completed during the weeks between modules. The cost per module is R1200.00, and includes a module handbook with course material, lunches and light refreshments, and grading of assignments.

SMTI provides registration for an auditing track and an accredited track;

  • Auditing Track: the auditing track allows you to attend the whole course or choose which preferred modules you would like to attend. It does not require completion of assignments.
  • Accredited Track: the accredited track requires you to attend all modules over the two years, class participation, completion of all tests and assignments. Preference is given to applicants for the accredited track.

There are two benefits in completing the accredited track of the SMTI Biblical Counselling Programme. For the second benefit to be obtained, students will need an a Honors degree;

  1. SMTI is an Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC) registered counselling training centre, the only one outside of the USA. This provides the opportunity for those who complete the accredited track to pursue certification as an ACBC Biblical Counsellor. This certification process requires three phases; 1) Training (through SMTI accredited track); 2) Completion of ACBC theological and counselling exams and application form; 3) Supervised counselling hours with a certified ACBC counsellor.
  1. The Biblical Counselling Programme is in the process of being accredited as a Masters Degree in Biblical Counselling (MABC). Therefore those who enroll and complete the accredited track of the Biblical Counselling Programme sucessfully, will receive a MABC. The requirement for this is that they already have an Honors degree.

Registration is closed for the accredited track for the current cycle of the SMTI Biblical Counselling Programme. You may still register if you wish to do the auditing track.




  • Introduction to Biblical Counselling—January 23-27
  • Methods of Biblical Change—February 20-24
  • Theological Basis for Biblical Counselling—September 25-29
  • Christian Life Issues—October 23-27


  • Marriage and Family Counselling—January 22-26
  • Marriage and Family Topics—March 19-23
  • Counselling Issues and Procedures—August 20-24
  • Observation and Practicum—September 24-28